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I am available for stage shows, walkabout, installation or interactive performances, gogo dancing, hosting, and custom works. I have performed globally in Egypt, Bali, Berlin, Los Angles, New York, Paris and Amsterdam at venues such as Torture Garden, The Kit Kat Club Berlin, Wasteland, Duckie, Cirque Du Soir, Egg, Manifest Copenhagen and Antichrist.

A gallery of my characters and looks is available here.

Please contact me here for bookings.



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An ritual of descent, a feral feather rip from a balletic fallen angel.


Contains- heavy piercing


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Wild and dirty and balloon pop tribute to John Water’s Pink Flamingos and the queer icon Divine.

still IYF - HP Lovecraft_132



A transformative rubber ritual of becoming. A feral creature, I emerge from my sack with a modern combination of butoh dance and expressionist movement.

Available with or without ‘blood’ and creepy mouthless SFX.

Bone Mother

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Bone Mother invokes the feminine divine in a latex ascension ritual. Marrying eros and thanatos.

Contains- hot wax, powder dancing, stapling myself.

Bone Mother Fire Ritual Edition



DSC_7340 DSC_7401 TG110414TM_2755 _1150487-958-web

Videos 1, 2.
The Hogstess presents a special meal for the audience to devour- serving herself for her guests to enjoy. Includes- strip, piercing, SFX gore and ‘amputation’.


Hunters Kiss




An anthropomorphic hunt story, gothic and haunting. An autumnal fan dance and slow, pained striptease culminating in me appearing to pull an arrow from my pussy.


Medical Madonna

20121242_1793968054228331_2282361317142835951_o20157154_1793968064228330_81136270647082096_o20121386_1793967384228398_4301989348366680142_o Video

Haunting, medical and surreal- this iconic piece is unforgettable.

Contains- piercing and wet cupping.

Plastic Life.

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Wearing dress made out of dolls. I strip to reveal I am made entirely of doll parts and squirt milk from my ‘pussy’. Pop, punk, plastic Barbie bitch.

S-aint Soho

DSC00634 22042324_10159454021545078_8879403526256342764_o

A neon tribute to the history and death of Soho. I transform from ‘Roxanne’ into the very lights of Soho herself forever frozen in an electric cancan.

Daemon Rite

1397126_10151662162216065_598592496_o 1410667_590428747689431_1897275764_o
A demonic possession with self flagellation and hot wax blessings.

Medical Madonna

Milky rubber pussy 
15418383_1700268053598332_468131622184135764_o rubberpuss5

Naughty pussy milk show available in full rubber catsuit or latex lingerie.

Madame Kitty

                                               IMG_69692 12034172_10153314781809022_5155492360611390984_o


A Weimar inspired striptease to reveal medical braces, beneath the glamour the decay. Includes piercing.



                                                11921861_10153578151659798_7189036815802151918_o DSC_3490


Witness the dying moments of a mermaid. A poetic hook suspension performance- available with facial skewer and forehead piercing. Also available as a gore-free act/ character.

Art House Balloon Pop

Amy Kingsmil2 copyUV Super surreal sculptural balloon pop. 


Le Freak C’est Chic

16935452_1310668752313438_1614165768_o 15844782_1250397135007267_3265028315298579427_o

Dirty Disco silver strip with vinyl fan dance and light up finale.

Santa Muerte

                                                IMG_1815 IMG_1817crop


A sinister fetish execution show including flagelation, dunking, and ‘beheading’.

Friggin in the Rigging


 p1000779-958 p1000819-958

A punk nautical performance with piercing, fire and strip.



A live vigrin birth- watch my holy waters break.